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Veterant Tickets Foundation

Responses From Our Veterans

Posted by Mike (U.S. Army) on Oct 22nd 2012

Mike  - U.S. ArmyThis is the first thing my wife and I have been able to do alone since I returned from overseas. I had no idea these tickets came with a free parking pass and Official Tailgate Party passes. It was an extremely generous package and it turned out to be an incredible game. Thank you for giving us this opportunity that we would not have had otherwise.

Event Attended: New England Patriots vs New York Jets...NFL
Event Location: Foxboro, MA
Event Date: Oct 21st 2012


Posted by Jason (U.S. Army) on Jul 2nd 2012

Just wanted to say how enjoyable this event was. I took my handicapped brother who has never been to a professional baseball game. I think he had more fun than I did! Veteran Tickets Foundation is great!

Event Attended: Chicago Cubs vs Houston Astros...presented by 5 HOUR ENERGY
Event Location: Chicago, IL 
Event Date: Jun 30th 2012

Posted by David (U.S. Army) on May 28th 2012

I developed a rare medical condition (1 in a million) just before I left the service last year. The last twelve months have been medical appointments, medical appointments and more medical appointments. Didn't make it to a game last year, I was hoping to see just one game this year. 5 Hour Energy gave me one of the few bright spots of the year. Great seats, Memorial Day weekend, warm sun in my face, enjoying a game - doesn't get much better. Thanks 5 Hour Energy and all other contributors that make these events happen; and a big thanks to Vettix for putting everything together.

Event Attended:
Seattle Mariners vs Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim...presented by 5 HOUR ENERGY
Event Location: Seattle, WA
Event Date: May 27th 2012

Posted by Alexis (U.S. Army) on Jul 10th 2012

Thank you 5 Hour Energy and Vettix for another memorable event that I can add to my life with my daughter. It was great fun and the Tigers Won!

Event Attended:
Detroit Tigers vs Kansas City Royals...Presented by 5 Hour Energy
Event Location: Detroit, MI 
Event Date: Jul 7th 2012

Posted by Jonathan (Marines) on Jul 9th 2012

Thank you for the tickets to the game! They were awesome seats to an awesome game! Keep up the good work! This was the first time that my girlfriend and I had a day to ourselves since our kid was born and it couldn't have come at a better time. God bless.

Event Attended: Oakland Athletics vs. Seattle Mariners...Presented by 5 Hour Energy
Event Location: Oakland, CA 
Event Date: Jul 7th 2012



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