Detroit Renegades

The Detroit Renegades 5-hour ENERGY Overwatch® Team

Founded in March 2015, team Renegades has since become a world-renowned eSports organization.  Owned by NBA power forward and video game enthusiast Jonas Jerebko, The Detroit Renegades features professional eSports players and teams in the following games: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive™, Call of Duty®, Super Smash Bros®, and Overwatch® **.  The new Detroit Renegades 5-hour ENERGY Overwatch® team made its debut at the Winter Premier Tournament. The team uses 5-hour ENERGY® shots to help keep them feeling alert and energized during long stretches of intense game play.

5-hour ENERGY® sponsored Streamers

The 5-hour ENERGY® Gaming
Sponsored Streamers

Upgrade your game to awesome by following the 5-hour ENERGY® Gaming sponsored Streamers! Included in the growing line-up are Ms_Vixen, Puhdado and KD Wolf.  Visit the streamers page and start following some of the best in the industry.

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