5-hour ENERGY® Racing Pit Crew

Chuck Efaw
Rear Tire Changer

Hometown: Big Prairie, OH
Years in Racing: 18

What is the biggest mistake a tire changer can make on a pit stop? How do you practice to not make that mistake?

“The biggest mistake that a tire changer can make is hanging or knocking off lug nuts. To prevent this we practice over and over again to develop a good rhythm and also muscle memory.”

What is your earliest racing memory?

“Building Dirt Modifieds with my father and brother.”

Close Call Story?

“Too close! During the race at Homestead in 2008 I was hit by Kevin Harvick’s car while he was leaving his pit stall. I ended up with a tore up ankle and a moderately injured back.”

What’s on your iPod?

“Strictly Country.”

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