5-hour ENERGY® Racing Pit Crew

Jason Gay
Front Tire Changer

Hometown: Lexington, KY
Years in Racing: 12

What other duties are you responsible for on a routine pit stop?

“Several: Index front tires, add/remove tape from grill, clean grill and repair damage.”

What adjustments may you be responsible for when trying to fine tune the handling of the car during a race?

“The addition and removal of tape to or from the grill.”

How heavy are NASCAR tires? Do you have any special training or workout routines to help you get ready for the heavy lifting?

“The tires weigh about 65 pounds. As far as training, I concentrate on a lot of core, legs chest and back strength.”

What is your earliest racing memory?

“Attending the 1985 Coke 600.”

Best part of working in NASCAR?

“Making a living doing your hobby.”

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