5-hour ENERGY® Racing Pit Crew

Michael Metcalf Jr.
Gas Man

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Years in Racing: 7

How heavy are the fuel cans when full?

“90-100 pounds.”

If you could change one thing about the gas can what would it be?

“I would revert back to the open system with the Catch Can Man. That is the system that we have used up until last season.”

If you could give your pit crew a theme song, what would you choose and why?

“Love me sexy – Jackie Moon.”

What is your earliest racing memory?

“Daytona 2006. It was the Bud Shootout and the first race of the season and the first race that I ever worked as a Gas Man. I had no idea what I had gotten myself into.”

What’s on your iPod?

“Gospel, Latin music, techno/dance, hip-hop, jazz, classical, sermons, audio books….. too much.”

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