5-hour ENERGY® Racing Pit Crew

Scott Swift
Tire Specialist

What tracks eat up tires the most? The least?

“Probably Atlanta, the track is old and rough, it eats tire up and the speeds fall off real fast, so every caution we normally stop for 4 tires.”

What’s one thing most fans may not know about a Sprint Cup car’s tires?

“That the tires don’t come already put in sets and there are left sides and right side tires.”

Each race seems to produce hundreds of unusable tires, how are those used up tires disposed of?

“We actually have a wheel service that brings our wheels to the track for us, and then when the race is over they haul our tires back to their shop and dismount them. All the old tires are taken to U.S. Tire and are recycled and shredded up and used for things like kids toys etc…”

What is your earliest racing memory?

“I started racing back in 1994 when a “Busch Series “ team opened up close to my house. I use to stop in and help sweep floors and run parts for them after I got off work from my regular job. They started taking me to some races , then after a year of working for free, I got a phone call one Sunday afternoon and the team wanted to hire me….And here I am.”

Do you have a favorite movie?

“I don’t really have a favorite, but like “who did it “movies. I would have to say “The Usual Suspects” or the Jason Bourne movies.”

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