5-hour ENERGY® Racing Pit Crew

Shaun Peet
Jack Man

Hometown:  Vancouver Island, Vancouver, Canada
Years in Racing: 10

How do the others members signal to you to drop the jack when servicing the car?

“We usually drop the car as soon as the changers are done, unless we are trying to pack it with fuel, then the gas man signals to me when to drop it.”

What types of activities / practice does the crew participate in to aim at keeping everyone in sync and ready for race day?

“As a team we practice, watch film, weight train and do cardio/conditioning drills throughout the week.”

What is your earliest racing memory?

“My first race pitting a truck in Kentucky.”

Close Call Story?

“No. I have been lucky.”

Do you have a favorite movie?

“This is SPARTA!!!…300”

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