5-hour ENERGY's dorm room checklist

26 Feb Dorm Room Exercise Checklist

Dorm rooms are notoriously tiny. With barely enough space for all of your stuff, how can you also use that space to work out? Believe it or not, there are many exercises perfect for a compact space with no equipment. There’s no excuse to stay...

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5-hour ENERGY Berry Extra Strength

29 Jan Creating Your Own Indoor Workout Routine

Heading outside for some fresh air and fitness is great, as we pointed out in one of our recent posts about how to keep your outdoor workout routine going in winter, but sometimes there are those days when you’d rather stay inside. There are several...

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5-hour ENERGY Fall Workouts

22 Oct Fall Activities That Double As Exercise

Autumn brings many things; crunchy leaves, sweet treats, festivals and cooler weather. Though many people enjoy the long, hot days of summer; the comfortable weather of fall makes it even more enjoyable to get outside and get active. Plus, did you know that some of...

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5-hour ENERGY workout buddy

15 Oct 5 Benefits of Having a Workout Buddy

How many times have you tried starting a new fitness routine, only to find that after a few weeks (or less!) things have slipped through the cracks? Having a partner to workout with can be the difference between sticking to a routine or quitting. Find...

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5-hour ENERGY Bike Ride

28 Aug Apps to Help you Stay Active

Are you having a tough time sticking to your workout plan? It can be easy for your exercise routine to slip through the cracks, but there are numerous apps and technologies available that can make working out more fun and help keep you accountable. Here...

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