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San Dimas Stage Race Recap

March 25, 2013

The first stage of the San Dimas Stage Race started off well for the 5-hour ENERGY® presented by Kenda Racing Team. It was the first official race, as well as the first time trial of the year for many of the riders.  The team was psyched to put on their new Catlike TT helmets despite it being an uphill course.  Nate English held the lead with the best time for much of the day but finished in 4th place. Mancebo, after just flying in from Spain and feeling "so-so", finished in 7th followed by Max Jenkins in 9th and David Williams in 20th.

The following days sunny circuit race brought relief to the riders as they remembered the cold and rainy race of 2012.  Looking back this might be the race they want to forget as the entire team had a string of bad luck.  Early on, Nate English and Shawn Milne crashed while Jim Stemper waited for his teammates and they never returned to the peloton.  A little later Bobby Sweeting was involved with a crash at the start/finish line that took out the race leader and former team mate Phillip Gaimon who had to be air lifted to a local hospital. In the last lap Mancebo suffered a misfortune which didn't allow him to finish with the main group. Luckily, despite the problems of the day no one is seriously injured and at least the bikes are ready to battle tomorrow.

The final day of the San Dimas Stage Race was a criterium. The fans turned out in full support to cheer on their favorite teams and 5-hour ENERGY® presented by Kenda received a lot of attention. The fast start came as no surprise as a break went up the road but team Jamis, who had the leader’s jersey, kept them in check for most of the distance at ten seconds. In the final laps Paco Mancebo led our G.C. rider, Max Jenkins, right to the front to keep him protected and safe to secure his 5th place overall. The team was down to only 4 riders, because of the mishaps from stage 2, and they all comfortably finished in the field to finish the race on a high note. We will stay in California this week as we prepare for the first NRC race of the year in Redlands, Ca.

Written by Frankie Andreu

Photo: Brian Hodes - VeloImages.com




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