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Fan Stories

My name is Sgt. James Nungesser. I am a Sgt. In the US Marine Corps currently serving in Fallujah Iraq. I recently received a care package from a family member that had a bottle of 5-Hour Energy in it. I am out operating for hours every day sometimes on a several day operation. Having the energy is important in order for us here to complete our mission. I loved the energy I got* from taking a 5-hour Energy shot and Some of my Marines were wanting to try it out. It’s hard to get things out here especially due to limited phone and internet access. So I am asking if there is any way we could get some bottles sent over for some of our guys to try out. Thanks again for making a GREAT product! In our business, staying energized means staying alive!

Sincerely, James N.

I have been using 5-hour ENERGY® since it first became available in St. Louis. I have backed your product many times to different co-workers. It’s always the same question, “does it work?” Hell yeah it works and without all of sugar or corn syrup in the “energy” drinks. Once my friends have tried 5-hour ENERGY®, I notice them bringing their own bottles to work. I also think it’s cool that you understand the marketing power of NASCAR. Good job. When I worked nights I wish your product had been invented. I just want to say that I read the ingredients the first time, and have been a believer ever since. Thank you for a quality product.

Derek Wagoner.
St. Louis Missouri

I just wanted to say thank you and that I love 5-hour ENERGY®. I am a mother of three very active children (two play baseball and one plays basketball). I work a full time job and take my children to practice/games. There are times we don’t get home till 11:00 PM and on the go again at 6:00 AM. Sometimes I feel like I will crash, but 5-hour ENERGY® picks me up again so I can be the mom my kids need. I love 5-hour ENERGY®. Thanks again.

Jennifer Campagna
Spring Hill, FL

I just wanted to tell you how much I love 5-hour ENERGY®. Without it, my week would wear me down. Between the kids and work, my feet are dragging at the end of the day. When I take a 5-hour ENERGY®, I have more pep in my step and the yawns are kept at bay. Thank you!

Dan Whipple
Redding, CA