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5-hour ENERGY® Pit Crew Q & A

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Danny Kincaid

Danny Kincaid
Front Tire Changer

Hometown: Port Bryan, NY
Years in Racing: 12

  • What goes through your mind when you hear a driver say “I feel a vibration”
    over the radio?

    “I think back to the last stop and think about each lug nut that I hit and depending on if I know that they are all good, I give the crew chiefs a thumbs up or a thumbs down.”
  • What is the biggest mistake a tire changer can make on a pit stop?  
    How do you practice to not make that mistake?

    “Trying to hurry too much or move to fast and knock a lug nut off. Our hand speed is so crucial; it must remain the same for every stop.”
  • Pit road often looks like organized mayhem, how do you stay focused and
    organized during a pit stop?

    “I don’t think, I just do what I have been trained to do.”
  • What is your earliest racing memory?

    “Winning the first Busch Race at Chicagoland Speed way with Jimmie Johnson.”
  • What’s on your iPod?

    “A little bit of everything.”


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