5-Hour Energy Continues to Support the Troops with 5-Hour Energy Shot Donations to Operation Gratitude

5-Hour Energy Continues to Support the Troops with 5-Hour Energy Shot Donations to Operation Gratitude

We are all aware of the sacrifices our troops make on a day-to-day basis to protect our lives and maintain a nation of solidarity and freedom. Showing our support for the troops is not only important here on the home soil, but also around the world on military bases, temporary camps and on the front lines.

In an effort to relay that patronage following 9/11, Operation Gratitude was created to support the nation’s soldiers and boost morale with care packages containing letters of appreciation, food, entertainment items, hygiene products and more. Today, the care packages continue to help troops endure the intense physical conditions and time away from friends, loved ones and their lives in America.

In 2007 5-Hour Energy began donating 5-Hour Energy shots to the Operation Gratitude effort. The 5-Hour Energy shots help keep troops alert and energized, and also give them a little taste of home.

“We’re proud to be associated with Operation Gratitude,” said Carl Sperber, Director of Corporate Communications for Living Essentials. “U.S. Troops have the most difficult job imaginable, and Operation Gratitude’s mission to lift morale and put smiles on faces by sending care packages is one we’re honored to be part of.”

As a non-profit, volunteer corporation, Operation Gratitude continues reaching out and relaying our country’s support. The team at Operation Gratitude also maintains a wish list of the simple things our troops could use like batteries, moist towelettes, fans and board games. Additional ways Operation Gratitude helps Americans express their respect and appreciation in a hands-on manner is through collection drives and letter writing campaigns.

You can find out more about Operation Gratitude and all that this philanthropic effort has done for the men and women over seas by visiting the Operation Gratitude Web site. It’s never too late to lend a hand to those who risk their lives daily.

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