5-Hour Energy Shots Combat Siesta Syndrome

5-Hour Energy Shots Combat Siesta Syndrome

With the Cinco de Mayo celebration kick starting the month of May, we decided to keep the cultural theme alive and revisit one of 5-Hour Energy’s most popular uses, combating the Siesta Syndrome.

There are few who do not suffer from that tired feeling that piggybacks the lunch hour. Some call it the “food coma” or “afternoon lull” and it seems to decrease afternoon production rates and cause the work time to drag on. Fortunately, there are many like you who suffer from Siesta Syndrome. A recent study by UK Company Avenance showed that 74 percent of people hit that wall and need a nap.

Many blame Siesta Syndrome on poor lifestyle choices such as the lack of exercise, poor diet and insufficient sleeping habits. Although they may be contributing factors, the medical field has a more natural explanation. Siesta Syndrome can be attributed to what the medical field calls circadian rhythm. This conglomerate of brainwave activity, hormone production, call recognition and other activities maps out the sleeping and feeding habits in animals. Taking this medical explanation into consideration, humans are simply programmed to need some sleep in the afternoon.

Now you have an excuse for your diminishing production following the client luncheon. We don’t recommend using it, but the facts are there to back it up. Just rest assured that when the excuse doesn’t workout, 5-Hour Energy Shots offer a quick boost that will carry you through the afternoon and into your evening routine. With the way things are in this economy, our fans can’t afford to fall behind or miss an opportunity because of a biological clock that they didn’t program.

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