5-Hour Energy Challenges You to MAXIMize Your Energy

5-Hour Energy Challenges You to MAXIMize Your Energy

5-Hour Energy has joined Maxim Magazine in challenging readers and fans to take the next step to MAXIMizing energy and focus at the office, gym, lecture hall and every where else an extra boost is needed.

Together the Maxim and 5-Hour Energy duo will pit canned energy drinks against the 5-Hour Energy shot in the Energy Drink Showdown. The faceoff lets readers draw their own conclusions as to why 3.2 million people choose 5-Hour Energy shots every week.

The Maxim audience is of the competitive nature, and to keep with the Showdown theme readers can become contenders and battle it out in the newest 5-Hour Energy challenges and win prizes, including 5-Hour Energy swag and even a year’s supply of 5-Hour Energy shots.

The first challenge is the 5-Hour 100m Dash which lets you control the 5-Hour Energy Guy as he sprints to the finish line. Seems simple enough, right? But to break the record times you’re going to need an extra boost without the sugar crash that only 5-Hour Energy shots can give you. Snatch a 5-Hour energy shot and you’ll be at full-stride, stumble on a sugary canned energy drink and you’ll lag behind the competition.

The 5-Hour Scavenger Hunt will take you through the 5-Hour Energy Web site in search of the special 5-Hour Energy Guy token and hidden codes. With the increased focus and spark of vigor from a 5-Hour Energy shot, this game will test how keen you can be. You have to look everywhere, including other places the 5-Hour Energy Guy hangs out like Twitter. Grab your entry form, add in the codes as you find them and a one-year supply of 5-Hour Energy shots could be yours.

The 5-Hour Energy Quiz challenges you to know the difference between a canned energy drink, the 5-Hour Energy shot and a ferret. If you can answer all ten questions correctly, you can enter to win more 5-Hour Energy swag and, of course, free energy shots.

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