Do You Have What It Takes To Be a 5-Hour Man?

Do You Have What It Takes To Be a 5-Hour Man?

Back in July our team challenged you to MAXIMize your energy at the gym, library and office. Now we are challenging our fans and Men’s Fitness magazine readers to try to become a 5-Hour Man.

This new contest will take you to the 5-Hour Energy’s Men’s Fitness page where you can take on more games and quizzes. The first step in the search is finding out your as a 5-Hour Energy Man. There are a number of types, from the Life of the Party character to Don Juan/Casanova romantic, and the Which 5-Hour Man Are You? profiler will help you find your best fit.

The second phase is proving that a title of 5-Hour Energy Man can be held. The first challenge tests your athletic ability. The 5-Hour Energy 100m Dash puts you in control of the 5-Hour Energy Guy as he sprints to the finish line. Seems simple enough, right? But to break the record times they’re going to need an extra boost without the sugar crash that only 5-Hour Energy shots have. Snatch a 5-Hour energy shot and you’ll be at full-stride, stumble on a sugary canned energy drink and you’ll lag behind the competition.

The second challenge measures the cognitive realm of these wannabe 5-Hour Energy Men. The 5-Hour Energy Scavenger Hunt will take you through the 5-Hour Energy Web site in search of the special tokens and hidden codes. As a contestant you will need a keen eye and strong problem-solving ability to beat this one as tokens are everywhere, including other uncommon places the 5-Hour Energy Guy hangs out like Twitter. Winners will take home up to a year’s supply of 5-Hour Energy shots.

The last step is entering to become the newest 5-Hour Featured Fan. All that’s needed is a photo and story of 400 words or less that showcases why a challenger is one of 5-Hour Energy’s biggest fans and what makes you a 5-Hour Energy Man. The chosen one will be added to the 5-Hour Energy A-list of fans, becoming the freshest face of their favorite energy booster, and will be twisting the caps of from 5-Hour Energy shots everyday for a year.

The contest ends on Oct. 16, so you’ve got time to practice the challenges and become the optimal 5-Hour Energy Man, with your face on the Web site and your closet filled with 5-Hour Energy.

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