Big Contest, Even Bigger Rewards

Big Contest, Even Bigger Rewards

After months of online competition, the 5-Hour Energy team is happy to announce the winners of the 5-Hour Energy 100m Dash and 5-Hour Energy Scavenger Hunt contests.

The 5-Hour Energy 100m Dash Flash game put contestants in control of the 5-Hour Energy Guy as he sprinted to the finish line. It seemed easy enough at first, but players soon found out that grabbing a 5-Hour Energy shot for that extra boost and avoiding the sugary alternatives would be the key to record times. It came down to mere tenths of a second that separated the top three finishers with fastest fingers in the nation.

Congratulations to 5-Hour Energy 100m Dash winners!

  • First Place – Mahrlo Amposta of San Diego, CA
  • Second Place – Bryant Nguyen of El Cajon, CA
  • Third Place – Matt Olsen of San Diego, CA

The 5-Hour Energy Scavenger Hunt sent fans on a search for special 5-Hour tokens across the Fan Zone, MySpace profile and Twitter page. When a token was spotted the contestant put the code in the contest form and then submitted their findings to the 5-Hour team. Winners were picked at random from the list of hundreds who found all of the 5-Hour Energy tokens and codes.

Congratulations to the 5-Hour Energy Scavenger Hunt winners!

  • First Place – Mark Adams of North Wilkesboro, NC
  • Second Place – Eowyn Grecco of Young Harris, GA
  • Third Place – Tom Bealer of Levittown, PA

Prizes are always important for a contest and the winners above all got a 5-Hour Energy t-shirt and hat. But better yet, third place winners get a week’s supply of 5-Hour Energy shots, second place contestants are taking home a one-month’s supply of shots, and the crowned champions in first place will have a 5-Hour Energy shot for every single day on the calendar with a one-year supply!

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