Curtain Falls on 5-Hour Energy’s Biggest Contest

Curtain Falls on 5-Hour Energy’s Biggest Contest

The 5-Hour Energy squad has capped one of its biggest contests and giveaway promotions to date. The competition invited readers of Maxim and Men’s Fitness magazines and 5-Hour Energy fans to compete against one another in a variety of online contests that set personal challenges to MAXIMize Your Energy and Release Your Inner Superman.

In both challenges contenders competed in the 5-Hour Energy 100m Dash and Scavenger Hunt for prizes, which included a one-year supply of 5-Hour Energy shots and 5-Hour Energy gear that will given to the top-three finishers.

What most of the rivals are waiting for is the crowning of the true 5-Hour Energy Man who will be our newest Featured Fan. The search for that one who embodies everything that our fans love at 5-Hour Energy was beyond fulfilled with hopeful’s submissions showcasing what makes them the perfect candidate to be added to our A-List and take home one-year supply of their favorite energy booster and swag.

The stack of submissions for the Featured Fan contest is impressive and the lists of competitors in the 100m Dash and Scavenger Hunt are not short by any means. The 5-Hour Energy team is working overtime to pick the one who shall be crowned and finding the top finishers. The contest winners will be announced soon right here on the Blog and by the 5HourEnergyGuy on Twitter.

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