Leno and Fallon Boost Evening Entertainment with 5-Hour Energy

Leno and Fallon Boost Evening Entertainment with 5-Hour Energy

At 5-Hour Energy we love spoofs. Like the idea from the movie There’s Something About Mary that we used for the Blog post “Blowing 5-Hour Energy Right Out of the Water“. To add to the list, Jay Leno also did a spoof of a 5-Hour Energy commercial on his new primetime gig The Jay Leno Show. Leno’s 5-Day Energy shot has enough energy to “get you through the week….and do everything you dreamed of”. See the 5-Day Energy commercial here at 7 min. 40 sec.

5-Hour Energy recently appeared again on late night TV when former Saturday Night Live cast member Jimmy Fallon interviewed SNL pal Jason Sudeikis on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. After talking about working with singer Taylor Swift and the skits he pitched her, Sudeikis told Fallon how he took care of his low on energy before the show with a 5-Hour Energy Shot.

Sudeikis even brought one for Fallon to try and gave the crowd a laugh when answering Fallon’s question about taste. We think he needs to try the new Grape or Pomegranate flavors that fans are raving about.

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