Energy Boosting Valentine’s Gifts

Energy Boosting Valentine’s Gifts

It’s time to reconsider what you’re giving as a sign of your affection and love this Valentine’s Day and put some thought into gifts that will excite the senses instead of the dull, lackluster, overused gifts. Here are some ideas to show your love and boost the energy.

Tunes – The right melody or track can invigorate the mind and motivate a person to keep pushing through a workout or the daily stress at the office. Picking out perfect, energy-pumping tracks for your admirer takes a lot of thought, and for most the thoughtfulness means more than the price.

Photo Album – Much the same as finding those right tracks to get the heart pumping, photos of you and your significant other doing adventurous things and sharing good times can rekindle that energetic spirit. Having a collection of those times when you were away from the redundant daily routine and building memorable experiences together can spark ideas of future voyages and give you both something to look forward to.

Spa Day – Thinking of a massage immediately sparks the thoughts of relaxation and calmness, not bouncing-off-the-walls energy. But sending them off for a relaxing day will put him or her in a soothing state of mind. They may be restful immediately after the massage, pedicure or yoga session, but within a few hours or the next day they’re mind will be alert and soul will be energized.

Tickets to a Show or Game
– Think about how excited they’ll be when they open a card and find passes to an upcoming performance or sporting event. The anticipation for the affair will boost their enthusiasm and your thoughtfulness, and even sacrifice, to send take them there will be applauded.

Valentine’s Day is one of the easiest gift-giving occasions in which too many stick to the standards: card, flowers, box o’chocolates, and jewelry. This year, put just a hint of thoughtfulness into something different and give them that one thing everyone wouldn’t mind having a dash or two more of – energy.

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