A Few Steps to Prep for a Solid Workout

A Few Steps to Prep for a Solid Workout

There’s a reason it’s called a gym routine; steps are taken in an organized fashion repeatedly over time. But when we get into a routine it becomes very difficult not to get frustrated when slight diversions happen. To help you avoid some of those little aggravations, we’ve put together a few steps to add to your routine that will prep you for any Workout Challenge.

Play List – Music not only moves your body, but also the soul. When you’ve got a feel-good attitude going, you can enjoy doing pretty much anything. Put together a list of your music that will get your thoughts ready to attack this workout and push you through the sweat and pain.

Fuel Up – You already know how important a diet is towards your fitness goals, and there are great foods out there that you can grab on the go for a quick burst of energy at the gym. But there are also many that are Energy-Erasing Foods. Pack a pre-workout snack that will carry through the regimen but not fill you up.

Check Your Gear – Nothing is worse than getting to the locker-room ready do some serious work and finding that you’ve left your shorts at home or you’ve got a broken shoelace. Check and maintain your gear regularly to avoid any mishaps at the gym or diversions from your routine.

Water – Make sure you have your water or a source of hydration available throughout the workout. Temperatures and exertion levels can zap your body of water in no time. Staying hydrated helps prevent cramping and cools you down to keep you charging forward.

Warm-up and Stretch – Sitting idle in your cube doesn’t keep your muscles loose and limber. Before pounding on your pecks or running the 5K, take a preventive measure and just a little bit of time to warm up, get the blood flowing, and stretch out the stresses of the day.

We gave you A Plan to Persevere in 2010 at the beginning of the year, and now you can add these steps to keep you ahead of the game. Your regimen is a very personal thing and we want to see you succeed. So tell us about your workout and share with the rest of the 5-Hour Energy fans how you are blowing past goals and pushing even farther.

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