One Demanding Quiz Pays Out One Bountiful Prize

One Demanding Quiz Pays Out One Bountiful Prize

In February the 5-Hour Energy team pushed fans to reach their fitness goals in the 5-Hour Energy Workout Challenge. The task was for the fans to add a 5-Hour Energy shot to their workouts and change that negative attitude of “Don’t-Want-To” into a goal-smashing “Can’t-Stop-Me” demeanor.

As a first step, fans were invited to take the Energy Drink Quiz for a warm up fitness test of sorts for a chance to win a one-year supply of their favorite shot. Unsurprisingly, the competition was strong even with a demanding quiz. Many tried, but only a few had the perseverance and focus to ace the quiz. A final winner was picked from those few who conquered the quiz, and to the victor goes the spoils of 5-Hour Energy.We congratulate Steve Herbert of Easley, SC on his stellar test taking skills and energy drink knowledge! Steve was able to ignore the distractions and stay alert to finish on time, which wasn’t easy when distractions at the gym like a fit trainer or a phone call try to throw a regimen off course.

The Workout Challenge was just the first contest of 2010. Opportunities to earn free shots this year are plentiful as our team has a great lineup of challenges to test the mettle of our fans. Right now our 5-Hour Energy Racing fans are searching for the racecar tokens and codes in the 5-Hour Racing Scavenger Hunt. They are also tracking each our car’s performance in the Weekly Results Contest for a chance to win a NASCAR weekend getaway package for the final race of the season in Miami!

Get the latest contest updates on the 5-Hour Energy Facebook page and by following the 5-Hour Energy Guy on Twitter. If you’re up for a challenge, 5-Hour Energy will have something for you.

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