Bringing the Competition of Racing to 5-Hour Energy Fans

Bringing the Competition of Racing to 5-Hour Energy Fans

At 5-Hour Energy we live for competition. So creating the 5-Hour Energy race team and pushing the limits on the nation’s superspeedways and short tracks just seemed to work. But one thing we like more than competition is our fan base, and keeping you at your best performance in your day-to-day competition at work, school, gym or around home.

Not everyone is a fan of NASCAR, but almost everyone enjoys a little competition, especially with huge payouts and little effort needed. So to bring together two of our favorite things we’re hosting two 5-Hour Energy Racing contests.

The Racing Scavenger Hunt Contest will have you searching for 15 race car tokens. Each token is accompanied by a code number and a code word that they keep track of on the contest entry form. When all the tokens are found, submit your form and you’ll be entered to win a one-year supply of 5-Hour Energy shots. But you need to shift it into high-gear because the contest closes on April 30, 2010.

Our team hid the tokens across the 5-Hour Energy site, including other places like the Blog, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter and more. We are confident you shouldn’t need much help, but if it gets to be too tough or time is running out, tweet the 5HourEnergyGuy for some assistance.

Like the races, personal endurance in the long haul will get them to victory lane, and the Weekly Race Results Contest is a determination of that stamina. Contestants will have to list the position that the #66 5-Hour Energy car finished in for every week through Oct. 23.

If you have the staying power to last the 2010 season and the focus to find and enter the correct finishing positions, you’ll be entered to win the End of the Season Race Package for Two to the final race in Miami, including airfare and hotel! The catch is that race results need to be entered within two weeks of the race completion, after which that race’s contest entry period will be closed.

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