What Time of Day Do You Prefer to Workout?

What Time of Day Do You Prefer to Workout?

Yes, another post about working out. But this time we aren’t throwing in a fitness challenge or suggesting that you sneak away from your desk for some meditation. This time we went to the 5-Hour Energy fans to address the best time to workout.

Regardless of skill level, if you are out there being active, we consider you an athlete, and as an athlete you want to assure that you’ll get the maximum impact from a workout. Athletes have a set regimen and are willing to invest hours to press the plates and pull the chords to achieve their fitness objectives. But when is it best to invest that time?

We recently asked our Facebook fans and Twitter followers when they like to get a workout in.

So, are 5-Hour Energy fans early birds or night owls?5-hour ENERGY Fan Workout Poll

Looks like the majority of 5-Hour Energy fans prefer to trot into the gym before sunrise and work out to start their day. A healthy 1/3 get to the gym after normal business hours, and some say that it helps them de-stress and burn the day’s calories not used while in the cubicle. Even so, nearly 20 percent are getting their sweat on at or around lunch time.

Although it’s not a census by any means, we can see that 5-Hour Energy fans are at the gym no matter what time, and it gives a reason to always have a 5-Hour Energy shot in the gym bag for those early morning routines, for a push through the midday sweat session, or to get energized after the hours in the office.

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