Learning to Fail With Purpose

Learning to Fail With Purpose

We fail, everyone fails and at times we are just a bunch of failures. Reasons for failing are far and wide, and definitions of failing vary from person to person. Most would describe a failure as not achieving an anticipated outcome, which shouldn’t be taken harshly when you keep challenging yourself and set far-reaching goals.

Unfortunately, we grow up being conditioned that failure is always bad. Failing meant punishment, which sparked anxiety and fear – two things that prevent all of us from taking chances or trying again.

But failure doesn’t have to mean the end when you take it in stride and make it a motivator. This is where we can all learn to fail with purpose and find a way to turn a negative into a positive.

Acceptance is always the first step. Take a critical look at what really happened. Most times the lack of preparation is what our face-plant or crash-and-burn can be attributed to. Once you have an idea of what went wrong and why, you can move forward. Also, don’t choose to deny a failure and place blame elsewhere. You didn’t succeed, simple as that, but you can try again because you had a plan to persevere in 2010.

Accepting the failure gives you courage, which is a necessity to give something another go. Without courage, you can’t dust yourself off and fail with a purpose. Think of the failure as just another step toward the end goal. Even though it detracts from the progress, what you learn from it will boost efforts to come.

Being able to fail with a purpose will drastically change how you handle the highs and lows of your workout, career, hobbies and anything else. This along with staying alert and focused on your end goal will give you a champion drive to achieve and continue succeeding.

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