5-Hour Energy Featured Fan: Officer Chris Filippelli

5-Hour Energy Featured Fan: Officer Chris Filippelli

5-Hour Energy Featured Fan: Officer Chris FilippelliIt’s been a bit since we put up a post about our Featured Fans, and now that we have just wrapped up another round of our VIP search, we thought it was customary to go ahead and shine the spotlight on someone other than our handsome 5-Hour Energy Guy.

5-Hour Energy Featured Fan Chris Filippelli is a police officer in Florida and says that there is no time when a 5-Hour Energy doesn’t suit his daily routine. Chris shared with us his “middle shift crash” that hindered him before discovering 5-Hour Energy shots.

Aside from enforcing the long arm of the law, officer Filippelli is also a competitive billiards player and finds that 5-Hour Energy helps him bear down on those tough-to-make pool shots.

Since we give all of the past Featured Fans a short interview, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have the Energy Guy interrogate this officer and check his mettle for being a 5-Hour Energy Featured Fan.

Energy Guy: Alright officer Filippelli, now it’s time for you to be in the hot seat and this isn’t some good-cop, bad-cop gaff. First question, how long have you been taking 5-Hour Energy shots?

Chris: I have been taking 5-hour energy Shots for about 3 and a half years and it’s part of everything I do from working the beat to competing at the pool halls and working out.

Energy Guy: What made you start taking 5-Hour Energy shots?

Chris: I started taking 5-Hour Energy when I started working over night and needed to get through the end of my shift.

Energy Guy: Had you tried other energy products?

Chris: Yes of course, but there was too much sugar.

Energy Guy: When do you take 5-Hour Energy shots?

Chris: Wow!!, When don’t I? I find myself taking the shots usually at 3 or 4 in the morning to help me get through my shift at work.

Energy Guy: In what ways have 5-Hour Energy shots improved your life?

Chris: 5-Hour Energy has improved my life in just about every way possible. I use your product during work, recreation and everything in between.

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