I’m Right. You’re Wrong. Period

I’m Right. You’re Wrong. Period

I have come to realize something about people. Everyone has an opinion and theirs is always the right one. This observation was driven home today when 5-Hour Energy was presented with an award from Beverage Spectrum Magazine for Best Marketing Campaign of 2010. Better than Budweiser. Better than Coke. Better than Pepsi. THE BEST.

The puzzling thing about receiving this award is that the very same campaign was nominated for the Absolute Worst Ad in America by The Consumerist. We didn’t win the coveted AWAIA award. We came in second to McDonald’s.

The marketing campaign that achieved this polar opposite recognition is our now famous, or infamous, 2:30 Feeling campaign. This campaign was spearheaded by a television commercial featuring a young man roaming a typical workplace and pointing out all the people suffering from an afternoon slump. Naturally, 5-Hour Energy comes to rescue. You remember it, right?

According to Beverage Spectrum, “… loss of focus on TV (at least for the beverage industry) – is part of what makes the “No More 2:30 Feeling” campaign tops when it comes to marketing efforts in the industry this year. The other part is that it’s a clever invention…”

But The Consumerist says, “The actor behind McDonald’s ‘not before I have my coffee’ jerk might wish he’d slept in this morning, because he was the clear victor in this category (35%). His closest competition came in the form of another pitchman for a liquid pick-me-up, 5-Hour Energy’s Mr. ‘Do you know what 2:30 feels like?’ Well, we’d like to ask him “Do you know what it’s like to annoy 28.5% of our voters?”

The array of e-mails we received during the run of this ad was truly staggering. Fans loved the handsome young man in the commercial. Haters couldn’t stand his ugly face. Fans bought 5-Hour Energy in record numbers. Haters vowed they would never buy 5-Hour Energy because of such a terrible commercial. The right opinions came from all corners.

What’s an advertiser to do? This is a rhetorical question, of course. We go with what works, and that ad worked. During its time on the air, 5-Hour Energy experienced record sales and a growth trend that buried all potential competitors. Our share of energy shot sales, already impressive when the campaign began, increased dramatically. According to a Beverage Spectrum writer, “It’s hard to argue with the sales numbers that it produced.”

Yet, many will continue to argue, and that’s fine. Keep the complaints coming. Just keep in mind that we get plenty of compliments, too. Everyone has an opinion and theirs is always the right one. Here at 5-Hour Energy, we only care about what works.

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