Get Your 5-Hour Energy®, Then Jam Out With Energizing Tunes on Pandora

Get Your 5-Hour Energy®, Then Jam Out With Energizing Tunes on Pandora

From time to time, you need some relaxing tunes to wind down after a busy day … but other times you need to be alert and energized. Whether you’re at home, work or somewhere in between 5-Hour Energy® has the hook up for high-energy tunes that will serve as the motivating soundtrack for any activity. So, visit 5-Hour Energy’s new” Get Up and Go Radio” Station on PANDORA® and listen freely morning, noon or night to selections including:

    • Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas


  • T.N.T by AC/DC



  • Forget You by Cee-Lo



  • 300 Violin Orchestra by Jorge Quintero



  • Vertigo by U2


Click on this link to listen to “Get Up and Go Radio” on PANDORA®. Can’t get enough of the energizing songs? Then make sure to share it with your friends while it lasts because “Get Up and Go Radio” on PANDORA® will only be available until Friday, Feb. 11.

PANDORA® Internet Radio, powered by the Music Genome Project®, took root in 2000 after a group of “musicians and music loving technologists” collaborated to listen to and categorize tens of thousands of artists and songs. Today, PANDORA® employs more than 700,000 tracks from its music library to provide upwards of 48 million users with custom, streaming internet music.

Thank you to all the 5-Hour Fans who submitted suggestions for our PANDORA® radio station name via Facebook and Twitter. We couldn’t have given the our new station the perfect title without your help!

Well, what are you waiting for? Click on the link, open your ears and prepare your senses for an onslaught of energizing tunes from 5-Hour Energy’s “Get Up and Go Radio” Station on PANDORA®.

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