We’re at it Again: 5-Hour Energy Calls for More Featured Fans

We’re at it Again: 5-Hour Energy Calls for More Featured Fans

You ought to know already that the 5-Hour Energy Team loves its fans – but we’re about to prove it to you yet again by launching another 5-Hour Energy Featured Fan contest. Over the summer, we spotlighted 20 5-Hour Energy shot fans, which brings our total tally to almost 60 energy aficionados. You can check out the past Featured Fan winners by visiting the 5-Hour Energy Fan Zone online.5-hour ENERGY Featured Fan

Just like before, we’ll be giving away 72 bottles to each 5-Hour Energy Featured Fan contestant whom we think use the energy shots to their full potential. We’re looking for individuals whose daily tasks and weekend adventures require high-energy attitudes and physical or mental stamina. We, of course, love the typical energetic activities like extreme sports and tough workouts. But, we certainly recognize that it’s also the hard-working moms, college students, police officers, night shift workers, business owners, soldiers and others that keep our country running in hyper-drive. The 5-Hour Energy team feels it’s their duty to put these hard-working heroes in the limelight by giving them the opportunity to act as brand ambassadors for their favorite energy shot. Think you’ve got what it takes?

The 5-Hour Energy team challenges you to submit a shot of you in action doing … well, whatever it is you do. As long as your chosen activity requires energy and focus, you’ll be in the running. Make sure you include a short description (up to 1,000 characters) telling us why you love 5-Hour Energy shots and the reasons why you should be named a Featured Fan brand ambassador. The winners will score 72 shots of free 5-Hour Energy and a spot on the 5-Hour Energy Featured Fan wall of fame.

Take a cue from one of our past Featured Fans, Eric Armusik of Hamburg, PA. Along with his photo, he wrote:

“I’m a traditional painter. Sometimes I operate on extremely tight schedules with little to no sleep … I used coffee for a while, but got to the point where it didn’t help much. A Facebook friend recommended 5-Hour Energy and I immediately went out and bought some … Today I’m a regular user of 5-Hour Energy and feel it is partly responsible for my success as an award winning painter.”

Remember that the 5-Hour Energy Team along with our biggest fans will be voting on the winners, so the more original and creative your posts and photos, the more likely you are to get chosen as a Featured Fan and bag the big prizes. So, get some ideas from past winners like Eric, but resist the urge to submit tired dialogues or less-than-titillating photos.

Grab a shot of 5-Hour Energy and start brainstorming! You only have until Wednesday, March 16 to submit your entry. Good luck!

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