‘Where’s Your 5-Hour Energy Shot?’ Right Here!

‘Where’s Your 5-Hour Energy Shot?’ Right Here!

We had several compelling submissions for the “Where’s your 5-Hour Energy Shot?” contest that we recently wrapped up. However, one contest entry shone brighter than all the rest – literally.

The Grand Prize Winner, Matt Bellner submitted a photo via the 5-Hour Energy Website of a fully lit Christmas tree constructed entirely of empty bottles of 5-Hour Energy. In response, the 5-Hour Energy Guy made Matt’s holiday season a little brighter by awarding this over-achiever with 365 bottles of 5-Hour Energy – a big enough stockpile to last an entire year. We can’t wait to see what he does with all of these empty bottles come next December!

Want to know how Matt did it? Well, fortunately for you, he documented the entire process and produced a short video using the footage. Check it out!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ffux1SFKb2I&fs=1&hl=en_US]

The second and third place winners of the “Where’s your 5-Hour Energy Shot” contest also took home prizes. Chris Burns earned himself a six-month supply (180 bottles) of 5-Hour Energy shots by crafting and wearing a 5-Hour Energy shot costume. How did he pull this off? Chris tells us here:

“I sent the image to a printing company to blow up. Then I went to a fabric store and bought red felt, three wooden rings and poster board. I wrapped the felt around the wooden rings, cut the poster board to fit at the top, cut a hole in that for my head and holes in the felt for my arms, and glued on the front image and back image (nutrition facts). I also carried around about fifteen 5-Hour Energy [shots] to hand out.”

Our third prize winner, Buzz Berry, is the host of a local game show and says he relies on 5-Hour Energy shots to stay energized and focused. It’s a good thing we sent him 90 more bottles of 5-Hour Energy for his winning photo. As a caption to his submission, Buzz wrote:

“Yes, my name really is Buzz…and every bottle you see in the photo has been consumed by me. I host the television game show SQRAMBLED SCUARES and 5-Hour Energy keeps me sharp. I consider myself a “FHA”… Five Hour Ambassador. I spread the word about 5-Hour … B Vitamins, no sugar, low calorie, low caffeine. Thank you for a great product!”

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