Spotted: Another 5-hour ENERGY® Racing Scavenger Hunt Contest

Spotted: Another 5-hour ENERGY® Racing Scavenger Hunt Contest

5-hour fans, we want to know: What would you do for a full year’s supply of 5-hour ENERGY®? Now, before you begin concocting a crazy stunt in hopes of earning yourself 365 bottles of your favorite 5-hour ENERGY shots, consider our newest contest:

On Tuesday, Feb. 1, we are launching another 5-hour ENERGY Racing Scavenger Hunt Contest. We want to give even more 5-hour ENERGY Fans a chance to win. We just couldn’t help ourselves!

The rules are simple: Search online and find the race car tokens that our 5-hour ENERGY Racing Crew has hidden throughout the 5-hour ENERGY Website and on our other sites like our Facebook Fan Page, Twitter profile, and right here on the Energy Shot Blog. Each of the 15 tokens lists a code word and code number. Keep track of these – you’ll need them to fill out the contest entry form. After you find all of the tokens and complete the form, you’ll be automatically entered to win a one-year supply of 5-hour ENERGY shots in addition to other great prizes.

To keep it fair, we think our 5-hour Fans should exhibit the same kind of determination as the 5-hour ENERGY racecar driver Steve Wallace does, which means locating all the tokens won’t be a drive in the park. However, we figure the #66 driver has a pit crew to help out, so our 5-hour ENERGY fans deserve one too. Tweet @5HourEnergyGuy on Twitter and he’ll give you the clues you need to pinpoint the tokens you’re having trouble finding. You have until Monday, Nov. 14 to submit your entry.

You can multiply your chances to score some free 5-hour ENERGY by submitted your entry to more than one 5-hour ENERGY contest. Right now, the 5-hour ENERGY Featured Fan Contest is in full swing. Submit an action shot and a short description (up to 1,000 characters) telling us why you love 5-hour Energy shots and the reasons why you should be named a Featured Fan brand ambassador. We’ll pick the winners and dole out 72 shots of 5-hour ENERGY to each of the finalists.
Good luck 5-hour fans!

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