Chosen 5-hour ENERGY Featured Fans Score Big

Chosen 5-hour ENERGY Featured Fans Score Big

Here at 5-hour ENERGY headquarters, we’re thrilled to reveal to you our newest Featured Fans – the winners of the 5-hour ENERGY Featured Fan contest, which wrapped up Wednesday, March 16.

While sifting through the submissions, we laughed, we cried – but mostly, we were impressed at how dedicated our die-hard 5-hour fans really are. It was tough, but we managed to whittle down our selections to 20 lucky winners. As a reward for these hardworking heroes, we’re sending each Featured Fan winner 72 bottles of their favorite 5-hour ENERGY shot.

We’ll post a full list of the new Featured Fans on the 5-hour ENERGY Website complete with photos and descriptions, but here’s a taste of the entries that blew us away:

Brad May – Kenosha, WI
I work six days a week in a feed mill. It is extremely physical, demanding work that requires a lot of focus. After work I train in mixed martial arts. Any free time I get is spent on my family farm tending the animals and doing the chores. I was introduced to 5-hour ENERGY while hauling horses late one night. A gas station attendant recommended I try it instead of coffee. I couldn’t believe how fast and effective it was. Now I always keep a stash of 5-hour ENERGY in my truck at all times.
Chrystal Jordan – Baltimore, MD
I am a 30 year old married mother of two. I am also the front woman for a local band. I’ve been taking 5-hour ENERGY for years and it has helped me get through many shows when I just didn’t think I had it in me. The band and I have been collecting 5-hour ENERGY bottles so we can make something out of them. Maybe we’ll make a video so you can see the results. That’s how much I love 5-hour ENERGY!

Like these? Stay tuned for more fan stories or check out the 5-hour ENERGY Fan Zone and read the entries of our past winners. You might even get inspired to enter one of our current contests and score your own free 5-hour ENERGY stash. But, you better hurry. The “Where’s Your 5-hour ENERGY Shot?” Contest closes March 31 and the stakes are high – 365 bottles of 5-hour ENERGY are on the line for the winning entry. Get the details for this contest and the 5-hour ENERGY Racing Scavenger Hunt Contest online.

Good luck 5-hour fans!

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