Create a 5-hour ENERGY® Empty Bottle Brainchild

Create a 5-hour ENERGY® Empty Bottle Brainchild

Lately we’ve received some pretty craft-savvy submissions to our 5-hour ENERGY® contests. While those of us at 5-hour ENERGY® headquarters have been privy to all the contest submissions rolling through, we think it’s time these creations get the recognition they deserve. That is why we are excited to announce a brand new contest for the crafters, and artisans among us – “The 5-hour ENERGY® Empty Bottle Brainchild.” The idea is simple – gather up as many empty 5-hour ENERGY® bottles as you can and make something cool out of them.

5-hour ENERGY Empty Brainchild Contest

That’s right – you want to recycle your bottles by turning them into a mini herb garden? Awesome. Want to fashion a watercraft or piece of sporting equipment? Beautiful. Decorative wall hanging? Go for it. All we ask is that you use empty bottles of 5-hour ENERGY®. Judges will be looking for submissions that exhibit the hard work and creativity we’ve come to expect from 5-hour ENERGY® fans. Take a cue from past contest winner Matt Bellner and his handiwork. We’ve posted his video below – you know, for inspiration.

Still stumped? Here’s a few submission ideas that should help set the ball rolling:

    • A robot made from 5-hour ENERGY® bottles that says “Let’s Do This” while simultaneously offering 5-hour ENERGY®


  • An original sculpture of the 5-hour ENERGY® guy formed from bottles of 5-hour ENERGY®



  • 5-hour ENERGY® inspired lawn décor



  • Items created from empty 5-hour ENERGY® bottles – possibly something that could automatically make the 5-hour ENERGY® team breakfast in the morning


Come up with a “5-hour ENERGY® Empty Bottle Brainchild” that’s completely awesome and enter your creation for consideration. To submit online via the 5-hour ENERGY Website, post a photo or include a video link. Alternatively, you may send your masterpiece directly to 5-hour ENERGY® headquarters. The creation that best impresses the 5-hour ENERGY® “curators” will be awarded 365 bottles of 5-hour ENERGY®. Second and third prize winners will be awarded a 6-month and 3-month supply, respectively.

Here are the “5-hour ENERGY® Empty Bottle Brainchild” rules:

    • Submissions must be received on or before July 26, 2011


  • All entrants must provide applicable contact information and complete required release form



  • All works of art must be original and be created using actual 5-hour ENERGY® bottles



  • Submissions must be made via the 5-hour ENERGY® Website, Facebook Page or sent by mail to 5-hour ENERGY® headquarters


Got your 5-hour ENERGY® empties ready? Good. You may now start your masterpieces.

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