Get Your Office Primed for an Energy Break

Get Your Office Primed for an Energy Break

We’ve all witnessed the telltale signs of office fatigue:

  • Semi-permanent keyboard imprints on the forehead
  • Several supplemental trips to the water cooler
  • Trivial coworker quarrels next to the coffee maker
  • Droopy eyes and constant yawns at status meetings

Whether you’re a member of this zombie army or you have the tough task of motivating this energy-drained assembly of employees, one thing is clear: You’re in need of an Energy Break.

If you have a team of 100 or more hardworking individuals who need a little pep in their step, apply for a 5-hour Energy Break. We’ll send a few representatives armed with enough 5-hour ENERGY samples to energize your entire team! The best part: It’s absolutely free! You’re not obligated to do anything except enjoy the highly productive day that will likely follow.

Currently, we’re sending 5-hour ENERGY representatives to these 21 metro areas including: Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Houston and Miami. For a complete listing of cities, visit As a rule of thumb, we’ll travel about 25 miles outside the city center, but we’ve been known to make exceptions.

To apply for a 5-hour Energy Break, simply visit: and tell us why you think your workplace deserves an Energy Break. If our team is able to make it to your business, we’ll contact you directly and set up a date and time.

So, quit yawning and take an active step to energize your listless legion of co-workers and employees – apply for a 5-hour ENERGY Break!

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