We Know You’re a Winner, But Does Everyone Else Know How Cool You Are?

We Know You’re a Winner, But Does Everyone Else Know How Cool You Are?

If you’ve ever been at a family get-together or a gathering of friends and thought, “Wow, I have to sit through another story about Uncle Larry’s belly button lint collection?” Or, “Great, they’re bringing out the wedding album … from two years ago … again.” Your loved ones are in need of new material. Now, don’t get us wrong – we like the occasional collection of oddities and we’ll get mushy over some great wedding photos … the first time. But, sometimes your friends and family need a new topic of conversation: why not have it be you?

If you’ve been named 5-hour ENERGY Contest winner, you just earned bragging rights. Right now, you can visit the Featured Fan section of the 5-hour ENERGY Fan Zone and view your winner profile. On that page, you’ll see options to shout out your 5-hour ENERGY success via:

    • Email








  • Google Buzz



  • Yahoo!


Bask in your glory by sharing your 5-hour ENERGY winner’s profile with friends and family. But, don’t be surprised if you get some requests to split your winnings. Now, you could either be a philanthropic winner and divvy-up the goods, or guard your new stockpile of 5-hour ENERGY shots. If the latter, here are some snappy comebacks for freeloading family and friends:

    • “Sorry, I need to hold on to my stockpile … I’m trying to conserve energy.”


  • “I would give you some, but I’d hurt the 5-hour ENERGY Guy’s feelings if I gave them away so easily.”



  • “Of course you can score some free 5-hour ENERGY… when you enter one of their contests.”


If you have an idea for the perfect excuse to hoard your winnings, leave it in the comments section below. Go to your online profile within the 5-hour ENERGY Fan Zone now to amplify your success as proud 5-hour ENERGY winner!

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