5-hour ENERGY® Guy Seeks Hard-Working Fans

5-hour ENERGY® Guy Seeks Hard-Working Fans

During our last Featured Fan contest, we got to know quite a few of our fans. Learning about how these hard-working individuals power through their daily grind inspired the entire team over here at 5-hour ENERGY® headquarters – and now we want to meet even more of you!

Through Friday, August 5, the 5-hour ENERGY® team will be collecting submissions for the newest round of Featured Fans. We will select a group of high-energy individuals that best represent how 5-hour ENERGY® helps them get more done in their daily lives. So go ahead and tell us how 5-hour ENERGY® shots help you feel more alert and energetic, no matter what you do, and you could be rewarded with a 72-bottle stash of your favorite flavor.

Want to see what other notable fans had to say about 5-hour ENERGY®? Recently, The Daily Buzz featured a few of 5-hour ENERGY®’s diehard fans, including some of the morning news show’s own staff. Check out the video below to get some ideas for your own Featured Fan contest entry!

So, are you a busy parent? A full time student working your way through school? Working two jobs to make ends meet? A shift worker? If so, we want to meet you – and reward you for your ongoing efforts at home, at work or anywhere else that 5-hour ENERGY® takes you.

To enter, submit a photo of you and your 5-hour ENERGY® shot in action along with a short description explaining why you think you should be chosen as a Featured Fan brand ambassador. If you’re selected we will not only send you 72 bottles of 5-hour ENERGY® for free, but we will also post your submission to the 5-hour ENERGY® Featured Fan wall of fame.

Are our future 5-hour ENERGY® Featured Fans ready? Okay … Go! No seriously, enter now!

P.S., while you’re scoping out past Featured Fans and submitting your own entry, check out the 5-hour ENERGY® Fan Zone. It just so happens that the Featured Fan contest isn’t the only way you can win free 5-hour ENERGY® shots!

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