Super Dads Making a Difference

5-hour ENERGY Super Dad Contest

Super Dads Making a Difference

Earlier this month, 5-hour ENERGY® put out the call for fans to nominate dads, grandpas, godfathers, stepdads and other father figures as Super Dads. In honor of Father’s Day we thought that the Super Dad Contest was a great way for all 5-hour ENERGY® fans to give their hard working dads the praise they deserve. While some opted to give more traditional gifts like ties, socks, fishing poles and dare we say World’s #1 Dad coffee mugs, 5-hour ENERGY® decided to up the ante and let some fans give their fathers the gift of energy!

Nominations came in from all over the country but in the end we had to narrow the field to ten. The touching tributes some fans gave their dads and husbands didn’t make our job of selecting the winners any easier. In the end, we selected ten winners to receive free 12 packs of 5-hour ENERGY® to get them through their daily duties as Super Dads! We hope that with 5-hour ENERGY® in tow these Super Dads will continue balancing their professional and personal lives, making a difference for their communities and families alike.

All the entries we received were heartfelt and we had a hard time determining the winners, but the stories of these amazing men stuck with us. Steve Kozloff builds houses, updates his own home and still finds the time to spend time with his daughter, new puppy and wife. Barry Chupp was nominated by his daughter for being an all around handyman, loving father and excellent listener, even when it comes to her boy problems. Here at 5-hour ENERGY®, we would like to say cheers to Steve, Barry and all the other winners of the Super Dad Contest. Check out the tribute video below to see some of the Super Dad stories that earned these men the title of 5-hour ENERGY® Super Dads or email us for a full list of winners at


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