Energy Saving Tips for the Summer Months

Energy Saving Tips for the Summer Months

While 5-hour ENERGY® has aided the energy crises of its fans the world over, we’ve not yet figured out how to use its power to run air conditioners or illuminate living rooms. Since most of us still rely on good ‘ol gas and electricity to maintain our modern lifestyles, it’s our social responsibility to use our sources of energy wisely. Here are some energy saving tips to help you power through summer while reducing your carbon footprint.

Turn it off – all the way off: Many newer electronics and chargers continue to use electricity even when they’re switched off. To cut-down your shut-down time and protect your electronics while they’re operating, consider a surge protector power strip.

Switch out your bulbs: You’ve probably been told a thousand times that trading-up to energy efficient light bulbs saves electricity – but you’d be surprised how much heat is generated by outdated bulbs. As much as 90% of the energy a regular light bulb requires is turned into heat energy, which means they’re counteracting your air conditioning. Get double the energy savings by switching to energy efficient bulbs that run cooler.

Grill it: Not only will avoiding the oven keep your house cooler; firing up the charcoal grill will also keep your energy bill in check. If you would prefer to cook indoors, your microwave is the most energy-efficient method of heating food.
Turn up the fans, turn down the air: While 72 degrees might be more comfortable, you’ll conserve energy by turning down the air and, instead, using oscillating fans and drinking ice-cold water to cool off. For extra energy savings, replace air conditioner filters monthly. Dirty filters can restrict airflow and cause your A/C to work overtime. You may also want to consider replacing outdated air conditioners with ENERGY STAR certified models.

Seal in the Cool: Seal window, door and duct leaks, install outlet covers and consider re-insulating your attic to keep cool air from escaping.
Get to the garden: Plant thick trees or shrubs next to windows. When they’re full grown, they’ll help keep your house cool by shading the sun’s rays. If you lack a green thumb, try lowering cooling costs by applying energy efficient window films, which help block UV rays.

Cut down on pool costs: Adjust the automatic cleaning system to run every 4-5 hours for maximum filtering with minimum energy usage.

Looking for more ways to conserve energy? Use the US Department of Energy’s Home ENERGY Saver™ tool to determine other ways you can save energy, which means saving money.

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