Empty Bottle Brainchild Winners Announced

Empty Bottle Brainchild Winners Announced

We received many ingenious creations for our Empty Bottle Brainchild Contest and after careful consideration we have selected three winners. You may remember his glowing 5-hour ENERGY® Christmas tree from the “Where’s your 5-hour Energy Shot?” contest back in December. That’s right; Matt Bellner has claimed the Grand Prize for the second time in a row, this time with a brainchild just as bright as his last.

Matt submitted a photo via the 5-hour ENERGY® website of a putting green lined with empty 5-hour ENERGY® bottles. It’s a straight shot to the hole, above which 5-hour bottles that appear to hang in midair spell out “5-hour ENERGY”. Matt included in his caption a curious note stating “It also has special powers when the lights go off.” These ‘powers’ grabbed our attention in the video Matt included, when each bottle lit up to form a beautifully lit wall of 5-hour ENERGY® bottles, encompassing Matt’s impressive hole-in-one with a glow-in-the-dark golf ball.

For his brilliant masterpiece, Matt received one year supply of 5-hour ENERGY® for the second time in a row. Who knows, maybe by the time of our next contest, Matt will have an entire 5-hour ENERGY® golf course built. Matt included a trailer documenting his 5-hour ENERGY® putting green process. Check out how Matt’s brainchild came to life and look out for the special effects in the end.

Our second and third place 5-hour ENERGY® crafters also won a serious supply of 5-hour ENERGY® shots.

Candace Donato was awarded second place and a six-month supply of 5-hour ENERGY® (180 bottles) for creating a stylish array of accessories with her empty bottles. Candace sent us a picture wearing her 5-hour ENERGY® necklace, bracelet, earrings, and ring.

Steven Arant claimed third place and 90 5-hour ENERGY® shots when he sent us a picture of his reenergized office cubicle. Steven created wallpaper out of 5-hour ENERGY® bottles, which he says has changed his motivation to get things done. As a caption to his submission, Steven wrote:

“My wallpaper, from drab to energized. After realizing that my drab gray/tan cube walls were just slowing me down from the boredom I energized it with 5-hour Energy. Let me tell you I am never feeling bored. The wallpaper brings out my desire to do more. In fact my wall has inspired others to convert to 5-hour ENERGY and now they are advocates, too. Thank you 5-Hour ENERGY for being there. P.S. I like 5-hour ENERGY better than coffee any day.”

Can anyone take on our two-time defending champ, Matt Bellner? Keep an eye out for our next contest for your chance to claim the spotlight and win some extra 5-hour ENERGY® shots. Check out one or all of these 5-hour ENERGY® hotspots:

The 5-hour ENERGY® Website

The Energy Shot Blog

The 5-hour ENERGY® Facebook Page

@5HourEnergyGuy on Twitter

As soon as we launch a new 5-hour ENERGY® contest, we’ll post the details. Until then, get the inside information and interact with us on any one of the online platforms listed above.

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