Introducing 5-Hour ENERGY’s Newest Featured Fans!

Introducing 5-Hour ENERGY’s Newest Featured Fans!

Selecting winners in our Featured Fan contest is always difficult. With dozens of entries from hard working people from all walks of life, narrowing the field down to 20 winners was difficult, but also inspiring as we read how 5-hour ENERGY® is helping so many people whether they’re an athlete, student, parent, coach, teacher, shift worker, soldier, or executive. We were so inspired by their stories that we want to give everyone a chance to read them. The 20 fans that impressed us the most are being awarded with 72 bottles of their favorite 5-hour ENERGY® shot.

These inspiring winners will be added to the full list of Featured Fans on the 5-hour ENERGY® Website complete with photos and descriptions. Here is a sneak peek into how they captured our attention:

Andrew Mendozza – Burlingame, CA

I am the captain of the rowing team at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA and I have to wake up at 4:30 AM nine months a year for practice. Using 5-hour ENERGY® not only helps me perform my best, and lead my team, but also gets me through my classes without feeling sluggish or drowsy. Thanks for making such a great product!

Mickey Allen – Cheneyville, LA

I own and operate a small fire hose testing business. We work in heat indexes of up to 105 and humidity levels in the 90s. Our work sites are parking lots with no shade, and our average day includes 12 to 14 hours of physically demanding work. After about 7 hours we need all the help we can get and 5-hour ENERGY® is the only thing that helps us finish our day. Thanks for a good product.

John Black – Rialto, CA

I have been a police officer for the past 11 years. I worked 12.5 hour shifts in a busy city. In this profession the tired wall hits you half way through your shift. I tried 5-hour ENERGY® and noticed the positive effects immediately. I now use 5-hour ENERGY® everyday for work, the gym, and just everyday life. I feel more alert without the sugar rush and love it. Many of my fellow co-workers have also switched to 5-hour ENERGY®.

Steve Barnett – Beaufort, SC

When I retired from the Army back in 2008, I immediately went back to work full-time and then picked up an additional part-time job. For 3 days a week I work both for a total of about 14 hours plus the part-time hours I pick up on the weekends. One of the 2 week nights I have off, I attend a class at the local tech college to get my degree. 5-hour ENERGY® gets me through my double shift days and I appreciate your terrific flavors.

Amanda Petty – Mesa, AZ

I am a mother of three energetic children. 5-hour ENERGY® is my fuel to keep up with these little guys. Initially, I was hesitant to try your product but when I was averaging maybe 4 hours of sleep, I became desperate. I hate coffee so my husband suggested I try 5-hour ENERGY®. It was the best day. Your product is phenomenal! It really does put a pep in my step, within minutes and there is no let down later. The cherry on top is the 0 sugars and 4 calories. Now I get up in the morning, slam down a 5-hour ENERGY® and say “Let’s do this”. I truly appreciate what it has done for me. I recommend it to all my twin mommy friends.


If you’re impressed with these stories, be sure to take a look at what three other dedicated fans were able to do with empty 5-hour ENERGY® bottles, winning our “Empty Bottle Brainchild Contest.” Their masterpieces just might blow you away! Stay up to speed with 5-hour ENERGY® on The Energy Shot Blog, @5HourEnergyGuy on Twitter, The 5-Hour ENERGY® Facebook Page, or The 5-Hour ENERGY® Website. A big shout-out to all of our dedicated 5-hour fans; make sure to keep an eye on our 5-Hour ENERGY® contest page for more chances to show off your 5-hour love!

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