Socializing as a Means to Stay Healthy

Socializing as a Means to Stay Healthy

Finding the perfect balance between work, school, family, friends, exercise, and leisure time is a difficult act to maintain. More often than not, socializing and staying healthy are the first to get put on the backburner. The exhaustion you feel at the end of a busy day is an easy excuse to skip the trip to the gym. When you are in the zone at work or rushing from one class to the next, fast food seems like the quickest and easiest way to stay on track. You want to meet up with your friends, but there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Even if this sounds like the endless cycle your everyday life is trapped in, there is a way out. You don’t need to sacrifice mental and physical health for a busy schedule. At the same time, you don’t need to sacrifice friends for exercise and vice versa. There is a way to do both, and we hope these tips will get your balancing act leaning in the right direction!

Meet up for exercise: There are countless benefits to having a workout buddy. You are less likely to skip your workout if you know your friend is meeting you at the gym. Also, exercising with a friend allows you to do two things at once. You get your much-needed workout in, without neglecting your buddies. You and your friend can push each other to work a little harder, while watching the time fly by as you chat and catch up on the latest gossip.

Set goals together: Whether you want to run a 5K, finish a triathlon, or simply improve your diet, find a friend who wants to accomplish a similar feat. Training for a goal is much easier when you have a companion. Plus, there is always the upside of celebrating together when you reach it!

Swap essentials: Staying healthy by your lonesome can get boring, especially when you stick to the same schedule and recipes everyday! You may find yourself wandering off track because you have lost the will to stick to a repetitive routine. Make exercising and healthy eating interesting again by swapping materials such as fitness DVDs, recipes, training tips, health magazine, and pump-up playlists with a friend. Every time the two of you work out, change who gets to pick the routine. You can’t be dreading a workout when you don’t know what’s coming!

Keep a watchful eye on each other:
Whether you are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy diet, keeping a food journal of everything you eat will help you meet your goals. A food journal will be more effective if you have a close friend or family member reading over it. Let someone check over your food journal; it will keep you honest and will provide for constructive feedback.

Socialize with health in mind: Instead of meeting your friend up for dinner, plan an active excursion for the weekend. Go for a bike ride, a ski trip, or even just a walk. You and your friend will benefit from the exercise and the chatting!

We all know work and school are an important part of our lives. However, nothing can surpass the importance of commitment to family, friends, and health. Daily interactions with friends and family improve mental health and can add to the length of a lifespan. Exercising and maintaining a healthy diet is also essential for living a long, happy life. In the short run, the combination of the two boosts energy and reduces stress. Not to mention, there is nothing like the support of a close friend when you are trying to reach your goals! So, forget about the excuses; call your friend up, tie your shoes and get going!

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