5-hour ENERGY® Scavenger Hunt Winner Unveiled!

5-hour ENERGY® Scavenger Hunt Winner Unveiled!

Many of you showed us your drive and determination when you successfully found all 15 of the 5-hour ENERGY® racing tokens on the 5-hour ENERGY® website! Whether you needed some clues or you found them all on your own, we congratulate you for your dedication and scavenger skills. We are happy to announce that our lucky scavenger hunt winner is Michael Reilly, who will be taking home a year’s supply of 5-hour ENERGY® shots! We hope that 365 bottles of 5-hour ENERGY® will help keep Michael sharp for the year to come.

5-hour ENERGY Scavenger Hunt Contest

We tried to keep the hunt challenging and to see what our fans could bring to the table by scattering the contest codes across our website and social channels.

• Facebook: Our Facebook fans found one of the 15 tokens on our Facebook page, code: Profile.

• Twitter: This token was probably an easy one to find for those of you following us on Twitter! This Twitter token’s code was Energy Guy.

• The 5-hour ENERGY® website: The rest of the racing tokens were scattered around the 5-hour ENERGY® website. Our scavengers had to look in places like our racing gallery, our featured fans page, the Energy Enquirer, and our 5-hour ENERGY® Myths page, just to name a few.

Now it’s YOUR turn to use your skills in the next 5-hour ENERGY® contest!
We hope these helpful hints will give you a better start in the next 5-hour ENERGY® Scavenger Hunt! In the meantime, your next chance to win a supply of 5-hour ENERGY® shots is right around the corner. Check out our 5-hour ENERGY® Black Friday Bonanza Contest before you head out for your midnight shopping extravaganza! Not only can you pick up a free sample of 5-hour ENERGY® to power you through the night, you could win free 5-hour ENERGY® shots, a $50 Wal-Mart gift card and a 5-hour ENERGY® hat!

Good luck 5-hour fans!

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