Useful Stocking Stuffers

Useful Stocking Stuffers

Dig through the stack of boxes in your basement and you will probably find gifts from an assortment of occasions that you have used once, or worse, never even opened. It is bad enough when you don’t remember ever using a gift, but then there are the ones you don’t even remember who you got it from. Are you one of those gift givers? Will your friends and family dig up an inflatable fruit cake in a few years and wonder how it ever came into their possession? In lieu of the holiday season, we want to help you kick start your shopping list with a few stocking stuffers that are sure to go a long way.

For the Busy-Bees:

• Around the holidays, gifts that promote health and fitness are not hard to come by. Whether for a fitness guru or someone trying to squeeze in extra time to get on the right track, there are many items that could help your friend start his/her New Year’s resolution a few days early. Technology is a great motivator and frees up time that would be spent on tracking progress with a traditional pen and paper. The latest craze in iPhone technology, Jawbone’s UP bracelet, sends eating, sleeping and exercise data straight to an iPhone or iPad. Looking for a priceless gift? Make a pact to get on track with your friend – a little support goes a long way!

• There is nothing more useful than a gift that helps a busy-body relax. The everyday stressors of life – work, school, or even holiday shopping can really take a toll on someone. You can use a gift as a subtle way of telling your mom, brother, or friend that they need to take some time for themselves. Yoga is a great tool for relaxation and a means for a healthier lifestyle, both of which can reduce stress. Gaiam’s Yoga DVD’s span from beginner disks to power yoga and beyond. Foot massagers also provide incentive to relax, as they go hand-in-hand with other subdued activities such as reading. Devices like HoMedic’s Shiatsu Foot Massager will motivate your friend or family member to take some time to sit and relax. Music, such as Apple’s Ambiance app or calming CDs also makes perfect stocking stuffers for the over-worked!

For the Cluttered:

• Do you have friends or family members who could use a little help with controlling their “organized mess” or who complain about how cluttered their desk at the office is? Stocking stuffers for the cluttered can be as inexpensive or as pricey as you want, but the benefits of every one are priceless! For example, cords on any desk or in any room can be a pain. Simple gifts like the Pivot Power by Quirky®, a Cord Control Kit or CableDrop™ Cord Clips add character to any space and remove some of the hassle that comes with tangles of cords.

• Cords are only one small part of a mess that can add to the confusion of everyday tasks at work or school. High-tech gifts like the Echo™ Smartpen help clear the clutter in the brain that builds up during a lecture or conference. Smartpens have the capability of recording audio, as well as sending handwritten notes to desktops and Internet services, such as Google Docs. If you are looking for something a little lighter on the wallet, you can always find useful, quirky gifts that make for a good laugh, such as the Butt Station Desk Organizer.

Gifts that increase productivity and organization are sure to go a long way among family and friends who are always on the move or looking for ways to simplify their days. We hope this list gets you started in the right direction and puts an end to re-gifting in your family. If you are still searching for a simple stocking stuffer that can go a long way, 5 hour ENERGY® is also the perfect size! Happy holidays!

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