Holiday Decorating Contest Winners Announced!

Holiday Decorating Contest Winners Announced!

The winter Holidays are gone, and it is time to announce the winners of our 5-hour ENERGY® Holiday Decorating Contest! We received several creative entries which made it hard to choose only 2 winners, but after sorting through all the entries, the 5-hour ENERGY® team chose its winners.

All the running around during the holidays can leave even the best of us sapped out of energy. So this year, we gave fans yet another opportunity to win a year’s supply of 5-hour ENERGY® by creatively incorporating 5-hour ENERGY® in their holiday decorations at home, in their offices, dorm rooms and even on their trees. We suggested something as simple as dangling 5-hour ENERGY® decorations from tree branches, lighting up rooms with illuminated 5-hour ENERGY® bottles, or showing off your decorating skills to coworkers with an office 5-hour ENERGY® candy cane! And we did receive some nifty submissions.

The Grand Prize winner and recipient of a year’s supply of 5-hour ENERGY® is Glenna Cabello from Bronx, New York. Glenna wowed us with her festive Christmas tree that she made out of stacked 5-hour ENERGY® bottles. She even decorated her unique tree with ornaments and topped it off with an angel.

Pat Brown from Belmont, Michigan took second place and receives a six month supply of 5-hour ENERGY®. Pat crafted a reindeer out of pipe cleaners, a candy cane and a 5-hour ENERGY® bottle as the body. This little reindeer was full of character, since Pat went the extra step to add googley eyes and even a bell around its neck.

Congratulations to our Holiday Decorating Contest Winners and thanks to all who submitted their festive designs. Be sure to follow us on our Facebook and Twitter and be on the lookout for our next 5-hour ENERGY® contest!

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