The Quest for Featured Fans Begins Again

The Quest for Featured Fans Begins Again

During our last Featured Fan contest, we got to know quite a few of our loyal fans. Learning about how these hard-working individuals power through their daily grind inspired the 5-hour ENERGY® team and now we want to meet even more of our hard working fans!

5-hour ENERGY Featured Fan Contest

Starting April 13, 2012 5-hour ENERGY® is launching another quest to recognize our loyal fans across the country and put them in the spotlight. Our fans are truly unique; ranging from moms and firefighters to students and fishermen! This contest is our chance to recognize a few of our dedicated fans by sharing their story on our Website and of course rewarding them with 60 bottles of their favorite flavor of 5-hour ENERGY®!

In order to Enter the Featured Fan Contest, just submit a photo of you in action (with your 5-hour ENERGY® shot, of course) with a short description (up to 400 words) telling us why you love 5-hour ENERGY® and why you deserve the title of Featured Fan. Winners will join the ranks of our other dedicated brand enthusiasts with the title Featured Fan and receive 60 bottles of their favorite flavor(s) of 5-hour ENERGY®!

The 5-hour ENERGY® team will review all of the entries and choose winners based on who we think epitomizes 5-hour ENERGY®. We will share the latest winners’ stories with other fans around the world via our 5-hour ENERGY® Fan Zone. Deadline for submissions is June 13, 2012.

And remember, you don’t have to be an extreme sports athlete or a record breaker to win. Just tell us how 5-hour ENERGY® helps you get stuff done in your daily life. Share your 5-hour ENERGY® story with us by entering our Featured Fan contest today on Facebook or via our Website. Good luck!

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