How to Triumph Over College Finals

How to Triumph Over College Finals

College finals week is a hectic and frantic time where days just aren’t long enough. Students have so much to do that it’s almost impossible not to procrastinate or pull all-nighters. The key to finals success is time management and correct study techniques , so take a look at these tips as finals week too quickly approaches.

Hopefully this is obvious…right? The key to success for any test is to study, but don’t wait until the night before your exam to start studying. This is easier said than done, but remember that stress comes from the fact that you’ve procrastinated and waited until 12 hours before a test to start studying. So the solution? Start studying at least a week before the exam to give your brain the chance to absorb the information. This is much more effective than cramming and you won’t stress yourself out this way.
Regular Sleep
Usually lack of sleep or even all-nighters go hand in hand with procrastination. Remember that keeping your sleep schedule as close to normal during finals week is important. Sleep is your body’s time to recharge. When you’re burnt out, studying is hopeless and remembering any information you crammed in to your brain the night before will likely be gone. You will be less stressed, more productive, and your body will thank you for a good night’s sleep. Do everything you can to avoid all-night cram sessions!
Work in Blocks
Try studying in chunks of time ranging from 30 to 40 minutes. It has been proven that your brain will retain more information when studying for short amounts of time than for hours at a time. However, when you do study for short amounts of time, fully dedicate yourself to just studying- don’t get distracted by Facebook, texts or what your friends are doing. Here are some more tips for effective studying 
Get out of Your Room
When it’s time for a study break, take a step away from your study environment so you can refresh your mind. If it’s nice outside, take a quick walk around the block or go for a short bike ride to clear your mind. If you’re taking a longer study break, try going to the gym. Sitting for long periods of time can make a person antsy, so what better way to unleash some of that energy than working out? Engaging your full body will help take your mind off of studying so when it’s time to study again, it will be a fresh start.
Reward Yourself
After you take your exam, reward yourself for all of your hard work- you deserve it! Do something you like, such as shopping, a movie or maybe out to eat at your favorite restaurant. Being a college student is no walk in the park, so after you work hard don’t hesitate to give yourself a pat on the back.
Studying for finals is important, but remember that you don’t have an endless supply of brainpower. There is no point in beating yourself up when you are feeling exhausted from studying, so take a break to let your mind recharge. Keep these tips in mind not only during finals week, but also for other tests that you have and your brain will thank you. Good luck, students and happy finals week!

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