Bike Trails Across the World

Bike Trails Across the World

Cycling is a great outdoor activity that gets your full body active and working. The arrival of the spring season means warmer weather, which means it’s time to get outside and back on the bike. There are a countless number of cycling trails, but the problem is how do you find them? Check out this list of different bike trails located all across the country, for cyclists of all levels, from beginners to advanced cyclists like the Kenda 5-hour ENERGY® Pro Cycling Team.

Beginner Bike Trails

Manhattan Beach, CA – If you’re looking for a nice easy bike ride, the Manhattan Beach pier-to-pier is the bike trail for you. This is a 28 mile route that takes you past some of Southern California’s most beautiful and famous beaches, including the Manhattan Bach Pier. This bike path spans along the ocean, and is shared with walkers, joggers and roller bladers, so if what you seek is a slow paced and flat terrain trail, try this route. See map for more route details.

Cook County, IL – If the bike trail you’re looking for is something more scenic, then the Busse Woods trail is it! Located just outside of Chicago, this paved path is 11.2 miles that nature lovers will enjoy. The trail winds through meadows and forests around Busse Lake where you can see wildlife like elk and deer. Feel free to bring your fishing gear with you to stop for a break at one of the six fishing walls where you might catch a northern pike. See map for more route details.

Brooklyn, NY – If you’re craving some east coast city biking, try the Belt Parkway. This route is four miles one way, but there are lots of branch-offs that give you options for longer rides. This bike path is open to cyclists, walkers and joggers and is known for its great city scenery. If you want to see picturesque views of New York’s harbors and Coney Island, check out this bike trail. See here for more directions.

Intermediate Bike Trails

Seattle, WA – For a more difficult bike ride, cross Elliot Bay by ferry to get to this Bainbridge Island trail. This lightly wooded bike trail offers 27 miles of moderate to hard rolling hills and is a good combination of nature and city. Travel the trail and stop for a break at the multiple parks, beaches and mountain views, or enjoy magnificent city views. See map for more route details.

St. Cloud, MN– The great River Road Bike Path offers a variety of trails for intermediate cyclists. The paved bike trails range in distance from 11 to 46 miles and offer flat to moderate hills. A peaceful bike ride is guaranteed since no motorized vehicles are allowed on this route. Pass through numerous state parks including Charles A. Lindbergh State Park, Frontenac State Park and Itasca State Park and enjoy the beautiful Cass Lake and Sugarloaf Mountain. See map for more route details.

Washington D.C. – Take a historical bike ride on Washington D.C.’s 36 mile Mount Vernon Trail. This trail is located just across the river from Downtown Washington D.C and is a favorite to local cyclists. Mostly flat with some rolling hills, the trail will provide great views of the Potomac and DC monuments. On the way you’ll see George Washington’s home at Mount Vernon, Olde Town Alexandria and Arlington Cemetery. See map for more route details.

Experienced Bike Trails

Pueblo, CO – This trail is no walk in the park! The Frontier Pathways Scenic and Historic Byway is a 103 mile, one way trail that has a little bit of everything. From mountains and museums to historic settlements and schoolhouses, you will not get bored on this bike trail. The highway offers paved shoulders for tour biking, but mountain bikers will love the 22 peaks that are over 13,000 feet in elevation. See map for more route details.

Grand Rapids, MI – Just 30 miles outside of Grand Rapids, the Yankee Springs Recreation Area trails offer many challenge. From steep inclines to rocks and roots, this is a 25 mile trail with several loops spanning from .5 to 13 miles. These trails are perfect for cyclers seeking a challenging ride. See here for maps and more information.

Asheville, NC – If you’re looking for an all-day bike ride with lots of inclines, Old Fort Hickory Nut Gorge will be perfect for you. You will travel through Hickory Nut Gorge and under the eaves of Chimney Rock, passing the nearby Lake Lure. Enjoy biking with no motorized traffic on your way to the Blue Ridge Escarpment. This challenging ride also takes you to a top elevation of 3,000 feet! See here for more trail details.

International Bike Trails If you’re a biker that likes to travel, here are some popular trails from across the globe to consider:

Yorkshire Dales, England – The Yorkshire Dales Cycleway is a 120 mile circular route that can be started at a variety of different points. During your ride, you will visit most of the major dales in Yorkshire Dales National Park at a slow pace. There are many challenging inclines that take you through England’s countryside where you will probably see more sheep than vehicles. See here for more details.

Denmark – There are a variety of bike trails ranging in difficulty throughout Denmark. From the west coast’s beautiful scenery to the nature-filled countryside, Denmark’s bike trails are a favorite of many travelers. During your bike ride stop to see the North Sea’s beaches, the gorgeous landscape of the Wadden Sea or even get a tour of the coastal mudfalts. See here for details.

North Sea Cycle Route – If you’re a cyclist that wants to see it all, the North Sea Cycle Route could be the ride for you! This 3700+ mile circle will allow you to explore a wide range of scenery since you will be biking through eight different countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Scotland and England. If you’re up for an international adventure, see here for more details.

Searching online for bike trail locations and information is always helpful before embarking on a ride. It can also help find trails you may have never knew existed! Hopefully this list of trails will spark your motivation to get outdoors and get biking!

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