Stay Cool This Summer

Stay Cool This Summer

Summer brings us many things; longer days, a break from school and an excuse to get outside with family and friends. However, for most people, summer means hot, sticky temperatures. It is not always easy to enjoy summer when it is 100+ degrees outside and record breaking temperatures can be hazardous to your health. Luckily the 5-hour ENERGY® team has done our homework on ways for you to stay cool this summer-check it out!

Choose the right clothing
The type of clothing you wear during these hot summer days can be the deciding factor on whether you will be hot or cool. Wearing loosely woven natural fabrics, like cotton and silk, instead of heavier artificial fibers, such as rayon and polyester, will keep you cooler. No matter what material of clothing you wear, be sure to choose light colored clothes. Colors like white and yellow naturally reflect sunlight while black and dark blue will just absorb light and attract unnecessary heat to your body.

Think out your workouts
If you do your workouts outdoors, it might be necessary to alter them for the hot and humid days of summer. An easy way to do this is to simply adjust the time of day you do your workout. Early mornings and late evenings are the two coolest times of summer days.

Another easy way to adjust your fitness plan for summer is by switching to swimming. The heat and humidity of summer months can make activities like running very difficult, but swimming is a good way to provide you with a full-body workout while staying cool. Bonus: swimming utilizes muscles you may not already be using during your normal work out routines.

Drink lots of water
You always hear how important it is to stay hydrated and drink lots of water, but that’s because it is crucial. Eight glasses of water a day is the minimum during any given day, but the heat and sweat that summer brings requires you to drink more than that. Freezing your water bottles will keep your water nice and cold so you can stay refreshed and hydrated even when you’re on the go.

Keep your house cool
Regardless of if you have air conditioning or not, there are certain steps you can take to keep your house cool. First, closing blinds and curtains during the day will help block the hot sunlight from entering your home. Next, have ceiling fans or oscillating fans on to circulate air throughout your house. Finally, avoid using your stove or oven because they add unnecessary heat to your house. It is inevitable that you will need to use your stove, but cook during cooler times of the day or eat cold foods to reduce the number of times you heat up your stove.

Treat yourself to air conditioning
Scorching hot days can be unbearable, but what do you do if you don’t have air conditioning? If your house isn’t the place to retreat and cool down, plan an afternoon out to a public place that is air conditioned. Some places could include the mall, the public library, your favorite restaurant or the movie theater.

Water is for more than drinking
In the summer, water will be your best friend. Not only do you drink it to keep your body healthy, but you can also use it to keep your body cool. Take a trip to your city’s community pool for an afternoon of swimming. If there isn’t a swimming pool where you live, try wrapping a wet bandana around your head and re-wet it throughout the day. Misting spray fans are also a good tool to keep you cool.

These are just a few tips to keep you as cool as possible this summer. Take summer one day at a time, because each day is different. Some days you will want to get outside and enjoy the beautiful summer weather while other days are so hot that you’ll just want to stay inside. On days with record breaking temperatures you will probably want to avoid any activity in direct sunlight or on radiating asphalt surfaces. It’s important to use common sense and know your body. What steps do you take to stay cool?

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