5-hour ENERGY® Work Day Marathon Game!

5-hour ENERGY® Work Day Marathon Game!

5-hour ENERGY® is all about helping you feel alert and energized through a tough work day. Now you can feel like a winner by playing 5-hour ENERGY® Work Day Marathon, a new app that takes players through a challenging dash to work.

Developed and released by Imovation Solutions, 5-hour ENERGY® Work Day Marathon goes above and beyond your standard app. This addictive game gives you the chance to become eligible to win real prizes, including grand prize vacations related to events with our celebrity partners Clint Bowyer and Jim Furyk.

The variety of levels keeps your play new and exciting and ensures you’ll never get bored. Choose from cityscape levels, office levels and an endless arcade mode. This app challenges users to jump, slide, turn and scramble through obstacles by swiping and tilting your mobile device. You can also see how your scores measure up to other users with the leaderboard that highlights the game’s best players.

Getting the 5-hour ENERGY® bottles will deliver your game’s character a boost and helps them maintain a steady performance. As your character navigates through your level of choice, collect the five different colored coins which represent the five fruit flavors of 5-hour ENERGY® shots. Be careful not to get the coffee cup symbol! This will cause your character to slow down.

The 5-hour ENERGY® Work Day Marathon app is available to download for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch via the iTunes store. The app is regularly $1.99, but download the app before DATE and get it for half off.

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