And The Winners of the Empty Bottle Brainchild Contest Are…

And The Winners of the Empty Bottle Brainchild Contest Are…

The Empty Bottle Brainchild contest has ended and once again, our fans did not disappoint! From festive 5-hour ENERGY® Holiday decorations to a dress made entirely of 5-hour ENERGY® labels, your awesome entries made it difficult to only pick three winners. After sorting through the submissions, we’ve selected Kimberly De Bow and her medieval marvel to take home the grand prize!
Kimberly’s empty bottle brainchild presented a creative take on the imaginary battle that brought energy to all. Her 5-hour ENERGY® kingdom is equipped with watch towers, a flag and even a draw bridge.  For her brilliant brainchild, Kimberly will receive a one-year supply of 5-hour ENERGY®!
Kimberly wrote: “Long ago there was a great battle that few know of. The 5-hour civilization wanted the right to motivate and share their enthusiastic energy with all, but the mighty suppressors were against this. They, themselves, were scared of the 5-hour power. They knew all too well that the 5-hours stayed true to their words of “hours of energy” A battle ensued, but it ended within an hour because the mighty suppressors could not withstand their foes’ energy and had to surrender. To this day, the five hour kingdom rules fair and just, letting others prosper as they too are prosperous. Note: No 5-hours were harmed in the making of this castle. Consumed yes, but not harmed.”
Our second place winner, Matt Kren, crafted a fully functioning windmill made completely out of 5-hour ENERGY® bottles and boxes. For Matt’s innovative invention, he will receive a six-month supply of 5-hour ENERGY® (180 bottles).
Angela DePino claimed third prize and a three-month supply of 5-hour ENERGY® (90 bottles). Angela’s design showed us how much she loves 5-hour ENERGY® and apparently her cat too!! Angela made an igloo-like hideaway from empty bottles with a special door just for her crazy kitty.
We would like to congratulate the winners of our Empty Bottle Brainchild contest and thank all of our committed fans who submitted their imaginative creations. Stay tuned to our Blog and Social Channels for future contest announcements!

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