Renee Loux

Story #4
Air Date: July 24, 2013

Renee met Derek Loux, the love of her life, on a trip to the Marshall Islands and they married soon after. They later adopted twin girls Teyolla and Keyolla from the Marshall Islands and made it their life mission to rescue, adopt, and restore the lives of orphans.

While attending a conference in Colorado on how to rescue children in sex trade industry, Derek was tragically killed in a car accident. Renee became a single mom of 2 biological and 8 adopted children.

However, Renee does not let being a widow slow her down. She continues to rescue orphans and since Derek’s death she has even adopted more children.

With the $50,000 from “5-hour ENERGY® Helps Amazing People”, Renee wants to build more lofts in her house so she can take in even more orphans in need.

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